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All services provided are under our basic terms and conditions (Terms). We reserve the right to alter or modify these Terms at any time in which you will be given the revised Terms and your continued use of our service implies agreement with these terms. Clean Image Boat Detailing agrees to provide cleaning services to you as per your request. The charges for our service is for the agreed dollar amount for a team of our detailers and the products needed to properly complete your service request. 

By using our service you agree to the Terms of this agreement and agree to pay the total due to us. All agreements for service are contingent upon our availability or delays beyond our control. Any changes to rate and/or time, be it verbal or in writing will not affect the substance of this agreement and all the terms herein will still apply with the new rate/time.

quality of service

Overdue payments are subject to a late fee of $25 for accounts overdue by 30 days. In addition, interest will be charged at the rate of 10% per overdue payment amount accruing every month.

Accidents and Damage

Boat detailing is a very personalized service; therefore, we are always asking for feedback regarding our work. Please send an email and let us know if there are ANY concerns or positive comments -- whether good or bad. The feedback we get from our customers is essential to serve them better and to correct any problems.

​Payment policy

Our detailers usually work in teams of two depending on the size of the job. We make every effort to keep the same team assigned to your boat, but cannot guarantee it. Illness, vacations, etc, can all result in a change of teams. The owners of Clean Image Boat Detailing actually work on your boat. They are trained, experienced and skilled in boat detailing. New detailing members are assigned to trainers who supervise them on their first several detail jobs to ensure they display the quality we provide at Clean Image Boat Detailing. 

​late fees

Not satisfied with our work? Please contact us so we can correct the issue as soon as possible.


Although a gratuity is not expected or required, the detail team members certainly welcome it! This is a great way to show the team your appreciation. The amount of gratuity is split equally among the members of the detail team. You may leave a cash gratuity for the team while they are on the job (preferred method) or add the gratuity to your payment by specifying the amount on the check.

help us by preparing for your detail

Payment is due in full upon completion of the job. Please do not leave any payments on the boat. For accounting purposes, we prefer payments to be made directly to Clean Image Boat Detailing via check or Pay Pal. If you choose to pay via check, we can accept it on the date of service or you can mail it to P.O. Box 855 Mount Vernon, TX 75457. If you choose to pay with Pay Pal, we will email you an electronic invoice. With just a few clicks, you can securely pay via Pay Pal, Debit, or Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover). You do not need a Pay Pal account to pay.  

providing feedback

Terms and conditions

Prior to the detailing team’s arrival, please remove all items that may delay our detailing service. Storage areas that have a large amount of paperwork, for instance, will not be detailed. We would appreciate if items in the boat are organized as best as possible before we arrive. This is greatly appreciated and helps us maximize efficiency and minimize the time we spend to detail your boat. Also please secure cash, jewelry and other small valuables to eliminate the chance of them getting misplaced. If for some reason you do not want a particular area of your boat to be detailed, please just leave a note and/or secure that specific boat compartment.

We provide our own detailing products and equipment. Should you choose to supply specific products for our employees to use then you agree to take responsibility for the outcome. Customer is required to provide running water and a hose connection. Please make sure your water connection is turned on or leave us access and instructions to turn it on ourselves once we arrive. 

For your convenience we will leave you with a checklist indicating the various services we provide each time we detail your boat and/or jet ski. Our management will conduct on site inspections to ensure quality work. If, after your inspection, you find our service unsatisfactory, please contact us within 24 hours so we can correct the issue as soon as possible. Refunds or discounts are not offered as we will try to correct any mistakes or missed services. Requests received after that period will be incorporated into your next scheduled appointment.

Lake Cypress Springs, TX  -  Lake Bob Sandlin, TX

Because of the nature of our business, our staff is required to touch, step on, kneel on, or lean against virtually everything outside and inside your boat. Therefore, client agrees to not hold Clean Image Boat Detailing or any of its employees responsible for damage to any item or component inside or outside your boat. We take extra precautions to be as careful as possible; however, in the rare event something does get damaged while detailing your boat, our staff is instructed to call the client at once and to leave a note advising you of the incident. The office will also follow-up with a phone call or email to you to determine the best course of action. 

Clean Image Boat Detailing is not responsible for damage due to any faulty and/or aged item or piece of equipment. All interior surfaces of the boat are assumed to be sealed and ready to detail without causing any harm. If you have other items you prefer we not clean or handle, please call, email, or leave us a note and we will arrange to avoid those items. Our detailing members will only reach the areas on your boat that are humanly possible. If we cannot reach it, then it will not be cleaned.